Let's talk a little bit about 32F769IDISCOVERY, a dev board that I recently bought in order to play with ARM® Cortex®-M7.
The 32F769IDISCOVERY is powered by STM32F769NIH6 with 64Mb (512Mbit) Quad-SPI Flash memory and 16Mb (128Mbit) SDRAM. It's composed by the main board STM32F769I-DISCO and TFT LCD board B-LCD40-DSI1.

My first idea, who through my mind, was to try to install a Linux on this board and test the behave of the board. Why? Because it's a board that has limited resources (up to 216MHz, 16Mb SDRAM, 64Mb FLASH) compared with other boards powered by ARM Cortex-A and, I what to see what we can do with Linux in a board like that.

Basically, we will discuss 4 topics: the architecture of 32F769IDISCOVERY, u-boot, Linux, and filesystem.
This post will be dedicated to the architecture of the board.

The first thing that I'm interested in is how the memory is mapped, this will be useful for the other topics. For this reason, I create a graph of the mapping memory that I will fill progressively in function of other topics.

Note: Do not hesitate to come back to check the post. I will update form times to times or if you have need to discuss a specific topic, to post a comment or write me an email.

The memory of STM32F769NIH6 is divided into 8 blocks of 512 Mbyte. We will focus on just a few of them (at this moment), and present the main block that we are interested in.

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