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Background Mode vs Windows Mode

In this post I will explain the difference between the background mode and windows mode, at least as I understand it so far and I saw when I’ve done the tests. The idea is, when you want to display something on the screen either you choose to handle the background using nx_requestbkgd() or with nx_openwindow(). However youRead More

Graphics Nokia 3310 using NuttX

On this post I will present same of my experience working with NX Graphics Subsystem. For this I created a new folder which is called cmngraphic on apps->exemples where I will test some graphics functions used on NX. For the moment I only tested same functions, but I will try further to update this post with moreRead More

Nokia 3310 demo using NuttX

Because I found this tutorial NuttX chanal and I remember that I have an old Nokia 3310 display, I continu to test NuttX using Nucleo L476RG board. Here are the pins configuration on Nokia 3310 display.  Nokia 3310 pinout In order to interconnect the Nokia LCD 3310 with the Nucleo board I decide to use this configuration: Nokia LCDRead More

First contact with NuttX

Recently I found a new RTOS called NuttX and I was pleasantly surprised to see that is a powerful and flexible real time operating system. It can be used for 8 bit MCU to 32 bit MCU in a small footprint and implements the POSIX and ANSI standard.  I found that NuttX integrates many features likeRead More