Graphics Nokia 3310 using NuttX

On this post I will present same of my experience working with NX Graphics Subsystem. For this I created a new folder which is called cmngraphic on apps->exemples where I will test some graphics functions used on NX. For the moment I only tested same functions, but I will try further to update this post with more functions as I progress. I create a patch for the people that what to test the demo which can be downloaded on the bottom of the page.

 The functions that I have tested already are:

  • nx_drawcircle()
  • nx_fillcircle()
  • nx_fill()
  • nx_drawline()
  • nx_bitmap()

You can watch the video here.

In order to display an image I used nx_bitmap()function. To create an image that will be displayed on Nokia 3310 lcd using nx_bitmap() I proceeded the following steps :

  1. create a image in mode indexed in GIMP
  2. save the image in BMP format
  3. load the image in LCDAsistant
  4. select Byte orintation to Horizontal
  5. save the image

Note : It is very import that the area where the image will by displayed to be less or equal that the size image. If not the image will not be displayed !

 A video demonstration.

Here is the patch for nuttx-7.22 directory and for apps-7.22 directory.

You can test the modified patches this way:


$ git clone
$ git clone

Applying patches:

$ cd apps
$ git checkout nuttx-7.22
$ patch -p1 < ~/Desktop/cmn_app.patch
$ cd ..
$ cd nuttx
$ git checkout nuttx-7.22
$ patch -p1 < ~/Desktop/cmn_nuttx.patch

Configuring and Compiling:

$ cd tools/
$ ./ nucleo-l476rg/lcd
$ cd ..
$ make